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Hello!  Charles Koubek on Mt. Kilimanjaro
My name is Charles Koubek. 
I am just a regular guy from the South Shore of Boston. 
I have been using Village Travel for an exceptionally long time.  I love the way that they book travel and how great they are at customer service.  It doesn’t matter if I am traveling alone, with my family, or with my entire staff, they always plan the trips the exact way that I want it.  It doesn’t even matter where I go.  I have gone to the Czech Republic about 35 times, Ireland about 4, Italy 2 times, and Egypt once.

However, my biggest trip was when I went toAfrica to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Of course my weekendin Japan was definitely a close second.  It had always been my dream to climb Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately I did not seem to have the time to do it.  However, I decided to make time for a quick trip.  I left on a Friday around 10 am from Boston to Newark, then left Newark around 11am and arrived in Tokyo about 16 hours later.  Then I had one hour to get through Tokyo to get to the Shingushu Station and take a bus to the base of Mt. Fuji, to meet us with the rest of my climbing group, by 8pm.  We spent all night climbing and then saw a gorgeous sunrise while on the top of Mt. Fuji.  We then climbed down through volcanic ash and got back onto the bus and then the train that took us back to Tokyo, where I spent 1 day.Charles Koubek on Mt. Fuji  The technology there is amazing, at least ten years ahead of anything in the U.S.  I left the next day @ 10am and got back to Boston @ 4pm.  One of the best parts of the trip was that there was no jet lag.  After that my friends would call and ask me what I did for the weekend.  I would say, “Not too much. Just climbed Mt. Fuji.