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Tour Program
and Conditions

tour programbullet DAY 1 + 2:
Depart to Yerevan – Yerevan / Monument of Genocide / Museum of History
Arrive at Zvartnots International airport early in the morning, transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Yerevan. City
tour. State University of Yerevan, Parliament Building. President’s Residence, Academy of Sciences, Opera House,
Cascade, the statue of Alexander Tamanyan – the architect of Yerevan, Mother Armenia statue. Visit the Monument
and Museum of Genocide, situated on the hill of “Tsitsernakaberd”. This monument is erected to commemorate the
memory of 1,5 million Armenians, massacred by Turks in 1915. Lunch at the local restaurant. Visit State History
Museum of Armenia, situated on Republic Square. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

bullet Day 3:
Yerevan / Etchmiatsin / Hripsime / Zvartnots / Vernissage
Yerevan. Drive to Echmiadzin town, the center of Armenian Christianity. Etchmiatsin has a unique place in
Armenia's heritage. It is an ancient settlement with a history going back to the reign of the King Vagharsh,
117-140AD. Its present name is taken from the legend, which tells that the Only Begotten Son, Christ, came down to
this site and with his golden hammer showed Grigor Lousavorich (the Illuminator) the place where the first Christian
church was to be built. The word itself means "the place, where the only Begotten descended". Thus, Etchmiatsin is
the spiritual center of Armenia and all Armenians, the seat of the Catholicos of all Armenians. Visit St. Hripsime
church (618) and the Cathedral (303), included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Sunday Mass. On the way back to
Yerevan visit Zvartnots temple (643AD), included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Lunch at the restaurant.
Vernissage – open –air flee market. Free time for shopping. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in

bullet Day 4:
Yerevan / Sanahin / Haghpat / Yerevan
Drive to the North via Spitak and Vanadzor towns. Alaverdi town. The territory where these fine pieces of medieval
architecture are situated is famous from the V mil. BC. It was Tashir province of Gougaratz Ashkharh (Arm. word
for "world"). The nature is extraordinary here. You can explore high and rugged mountains, deep ravines, lush
forests and medieval architectural monuments comfortably fitted into the surroundings and nature. Visit Haghpat
monastic ensemble (10-13th cc.), one of the gemstones of this region, included in UNESCO World Heritage List.
Lunch at the local restaurant. Visit Sanahin monastic complex (10-13th cc.), included in UNESCO World Heritage
List. Sanahin Village is famous as a birthplace of Mikoyan brothers. Photo stop at the House-museum of Mikoyan
brothers – Anastas (famous political leader) and Artem (designer of MIG fighter series). Both monastic complexes
were great spiritual and cultural centres where many famous Armenian people lived and worked, writing and
copying numerous manuscripts, decorated with miniatures. Drive back to Yerevan. Dinner at the restaurant.
Overnight at the hotel.

bullet DAY 5:
Yerevan / Khor Virap /Areni / Noravank / Yerevan
Yerevan. Drive to Ararat region. Visit Khor Virap Monastery (4-17th cc.), where Gregory the Illuminator was
imprisoned for 13 years by Armenian king Trdat III. Khor-Virap monastic complex has a special place in the
Armenian architectural heritage. It is near Artashat town, which once was one of the twelve capitals of Armenia.
Built in the 4-17th cc in the Ararat Valley, Khor Virap monastery has Biblical Ararat in the background. Then
continue towards Vayotz Dzor region, spread on the banks of the Arpa River. Visit winery in Areni village, tasting
of local wine. Drive to Noravank Monastery (12 –14th cc.). The road winds through the gorge, giving you a nice
chance to be fascinated by the unrivalled views. Lunch. Visit Noravank Monastery which has a special place in the
architectural heritage of Armenia. It was the cultural and spiritual center of historical Syounik region in the 13th c.
Constructional, sculptural and ornamental works were realized by the outstanding and skillful masters of the period,
such as Siranness and Momik. Return to Yerevan. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

bullet Day 6:
Yerevan / Sevan / Dilijan / Noraduz / Yerevan
Yerevan. Drive to Gegharkunik region. Sevan Lake, is surely one of Armenia's most idyllic beauty spots. Its
viewpoint within the Geghama mountain range is admired and photographed by thousands of visitors each year.
Visit the peninsula and Sevanavank Monastery (874). Once an island, the peninsula provides a panoramic view over
the lake. The guide's story will take you to the times of the reign of the king Ashot Erkat (Ashot the Iron, 10th c.),
adding more charm to your visit. Drive to Tavush region. Dilijan – Armenian Switzerland. Dilijan is a pleasant resort
town in the northwest of Yerevan. It expands on terraced hillsides and blends with woods. The Bazum and Pambak
mountain ranges embrace the town. Visit Haghartsin monastery (10-13th cc). Located in the dense forest, it is one
of Armenia's most evocative sites. Lunch. Drive to Noraduz village and visit the medieval cemetery of khachkars
(Cross-Stones), executed in delicate patterns and ornamentation. Words are not enough to describe the skillfulness
of the work done and the richness of the ornamentation. Return to Yerevan. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at the
hotel in Yerevan.

bullet Day 7:
Yerevan / Ashtarak / Hamberd fortress / Saghmosavank / Yerevan / Parajanov Museum
Drive towards Aragatsotn region. Ashtarak town. Visit Karmravor church (7th c.). Visit Hamberd medieval fortress
(10–13th cc). Stop near the “Garden of Stone-letters”. It was erected in 2005, when Armenians were celebrating the
1600th anniversary of the creation of Armenian alphabet. Lunch. Visit Saghmosavank (Psalm monastery) built in
12-13th cc. with wonderful view over the canyon of the river Kasakh. Drive back to Yerevan. Visit the museum of
Armenian filmmaker - Sergey Parajanov, famous for its wonderful art and collages. Dinner at the restaurant.
Overnight at the hotel.

bullet DAY 8:
Yerevan / Matenadran / Garni / Geghard / Yerevan
Yerevan. Visit Matenadaran – institute and museum of medieval manuscripts.Drive to Kotayk region. Visit Garni
pagan temple (77AD) with the rampart and other monuments nearby such as the ruins of the palace complex,
bathhouse and a V century round church, having a distinguished place in the architectural heritage. The whole
complex is erected on a triangular plateau. The Temple, called "the Temple of Sun" is dedicated to the heathen god
“Mithra”. Lunch. Then continue to Geghard monastery (4-13th cc.), carved in rocks. This spectacular place,
included in UNESCO World Heritage List, has its special history. Dating back to the pagan times, this is the place
where the Lance, piercing the side of Christ when he was on the cross, was kept. The sound acoustics of the rock-cut
halls give an excellent opportunity to many church singers to try their voices here. Return to Yerevan. Parting dinner
at the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

bullet Day 9:
Transfer to the airport and depart.